Attention! This Boss has been removed from the game due to being overpowered.

The Atlantis was an AI-controlled Boss that was added on the 18th of October, 2016. It appeared as a large Midnight-skinned ship with three side cannons per side, two Sniper cannons on the deck and a great nose ram in the front, along with chase cannons, a big Rear Cannon, and a power level of 95. Unlike the SS Doblons, this boss was historical.  

Midnight Skin what this boss uses.

All of its cannons are very powerful. It protects the middle of the map and can't pursue players outside of it. It Drops 10,000 coins and score when killed.

However, this boss was removed from the game, Due to the fact that its Cannons or Damage Might be too high.


  • The Changelog update for the 18th of October said that they added two new bosses, but they haven't come up with a name for the other one. The Other boss is unfolded to be The King, but Sidney is working on to remove the glitch and make it visible.
  • Though this boss was removed, this is used to be the only boss that has a Rear Cannon.
  • It also used to be the second boss that has all 4 parts (front, side, deck, rear) of weapons, the first one being the SS Doblons.
  • Another weapon fact of this boss that is this boss used to be the only boss that has Chase Cannons.
  • And with that weapon the Atlantis is also used to be the only boss with 2 weapons on the front.
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