The Big Cannon is a Tier 1 upgrade that is like the Swivel Cannon but bigger and slower, it looks like a Sniper Cannon but without the Rectangle. You can only have 2 Big Cannons on a ship, however the Sniper Cannon increases the speed of the bullet, so it is recommended that you use the Sniper Cannon and/or Buster Cannon instead of the Extra Big Cannon. However, you might think different. This Cannon along with its branches deal the highest damage per shot out of all the ship items. However, the Big Cannon requires more strategy then the other cannons.


  • There are two different ways to go with the big cannons. If you want to deal major damage to your enemy, go for two big cannons. If you prefer sudden ambushes then you should go for the buster cannon.
  • Big cannons are mostly used by those who want to clear the map and make the swiftest and most effective kills.
  • Maxing out range makes bullets faster than you think, and they last a long time. That combined with high damage makes the two big cannons useful for powering through the enemy's hull strength.
  • Go for rammers, but don't get too close to them. Fighting by islands will work out well for you.


  • The Big Cannon used to be called Big Bertha, but was renamed to Big Cannon later.
  • The Big Cannon used to have another upgrade, where a second bullet came out with the big one. It was then removed.
  • It can be for defence
  • The Santa Maria uses this Weapon, also, SS Doblons used to have one, but SS Doblons's Big Cannon is changed to the Sniper Cannon.