The Black Pearl is an AI-controlled boss that was added on October 3rd, 2016. It appears as a black ship, with four cannons per side (eight in total), two Quad Cannons on the deck and a Greater Ram on the front. It protects the middle and can't pursue players outside of it. It has large hull strength, but a weak repairing factor. Its side cannons are very powerful, but its Quad Cannons have a normal strength. It's movement speed is slow, which means it will be an easy target for most high level ships. However, it's still powerful, and getting hit by it's side cannons can cause massive damage, or even insta-kill you. This boss drops 2,000 Doblons and score when killed. This ship is historical in a way, (it was based off of the black pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, which was based off Capt. Blackbeard's ship "Queen Anne's Revenge") unlike the SS Doblons, This ship uses the black skin.


Health: 5,000

Health regen rate: 100/second

Cannon Damage: 40

Cannon Reload Multiplier: 0.75

Black Pearl's child.

Cannon Life/range: 1300

Crash damage: 5/tick

Speed: 165

View distance multiplier: 1

Black Skin, what this boss uses.


  • The Black Pearl is the smallest boss of the game, it is barely bigger than a maxed out player.
  • Having a power level of 70, the Black Pearl is the only boss to be "weaker" than a maxed out player, as the player has a power level of 75.
  • It was the first boss that was added into the game.
  • As of the Battering ram update, this boss became the greater ram along with other bosses.
  • The Developer increased its damage at v5.7
  • This is the only boss that uses Quad Cannons.
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