Bosses are large powerful ships that protect the middle of the map. They are wider/larger than max level players, and have more cannons. Their cannons are very powerful. There are currently 8 AI-controlled bosses, arranged order from oldest to latest: the Black Pearl, the Dutchman, the SS Doblons, the Santa Maria, the Unconfirmed King, the MG Masterov, the IX Plode, the Queen Anne and the MS Chocolate. As of version 3.2 of, Bosses will regenerate their health automatically when they are not in combat mode, resulting in increased difficulty to defeat them.

The Atlantis is a boss that was in the game before but now it has been removed for being VERY overpowered. (Due to too high damage and high hit chance.)

Spawn sequence

Here is the pattern that bosses spawn in: 

Black Pearl --> Dutchman --> MS Chocolate --> IX Plode --> MG Masterov --> SS Doblons --> Santa Maria --> Queen Anne                     

Black Pearl BlackPearl.png · Dutchman Dutchman1.png · MS Chocolate Choclate.png · SS Doblons SSDoblonsCurrent.png · Santa Maria SantaMaria.png ·The King TheKingConceptArt.png · MG Masterov MasterOv.png · IX Plode New-0.png · Queen Anne QueenAnne.png

SS Doblons

Santa Maria

MG Masterov

MS Chocolate

IX Plode

Queen Anne

Black Pearl


Atlantis, Note that this Boss has been removed now.