Lightweight Class

Lightweight Class ships must have 8 health upgrades or less. Lightweight Class ships tend to be fast and/or maneuverable gunships.

Build Name


The spectre 5,15,15,15,15,12,0,0 weapons: 3 gtalins 2 or 1 row chase cannons and a rudder

strategy: THIS BUILD IS GREAT FOR BOSSES dodge boss bullets as much a you can and if you are low on health and you are battling a low dmg boss just back down for a sec and your epick regen will do its thing with santa maria and other high bullet dmg bosses back down every time you get too low. with players that are slow circle around them and spam your bullets

with fast players let them chase you but you will be too fast same with those pesky rammers.

to get this build go for green emerald and get 3 gatlins and a set of rows.

when you are level 75 or close kill a boss or bosses to get the full set of upgrades.

well, your all set!

you can find me playing as FlyingDutchMan using this very build. Its my personal build and i thought of sharing this with the community.

see you all in the sea!

Fighter Battleship 5,10,15,15,15,15,0,0 Weapons: 4 swivel cannons, chase cannon, rudder, and opitional grape cannon (this will makeyou slower), no side row or side cannon because they ruin turn speed.

Stratagy: go for green diamond with spawn protection or get 90% on your first item (bronze=10, silver=20, gold=30, bronze star=50, don't get diamond star because its 100) then get the green diamond as this will give you 5 items and 1% on the next item. Get ROCKT LANCHERSl cannons and rudder first then chase cannon. When you fight other players, if they are a lond range build then don't ever chase unless you're sure you can kill them. If they are a rammer build, use your good turn speed to juke them and if they run then you can chase them. For bosses just dodge their bullets and stay infont and not the side, also use your fleet (preferably a man of war and 2 battleships) to tank while you kill the boss (your fleet will probaly die before the boss but you get the points back).

It can withstand 3 Santa Maria shots so try to dodge those and Queen Anne shots.

I have killed every boss with it before and if played properly, getting over 100k points is easy.

Also I realise this seems very similar to The Ultimate Nightmare but I actually found this build myself.

Mother of God 4,11,15,15,15,15,0,0

This is the ultimate boss killer. If used properly, it can kill all of them without a fleet. And it can kill almost any player's ships because it is a very powerful build.

Weapons: Twin cannons, chase cannon, and rudder. Do not upgrade side because side rows and side cannons ruin your turn speed, and scatter/grape cannons slow you down.

Strategy: Go for the green diamond while having spawn protection, so that once you get it you will finish the build's items immediately (5 items). The reason this works is because the green rhombus gives you 500 points, and the first upgrade costs 100 points. 500/100=5, so the game gives you 5 upgrades due to an unpatched exploit.* Start off by maxing out speed, then upgrading hull strength and auto repair, because you start off by focusing on getting doblons. It can withstand two Santa Maria bullets, but just make sure to retreat and heal for a few seconds before combating. Eventually, if you play it properly, the game will get boring because you will be too high of a level compared to others.

*This also works with bosses. I killed Queen Anne at 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000upgrades and because 10000/100 = 100, I got 100 items.
The Ship Wrecker 8,15,15,15,15,7 Once enough ship upgrades are obtained, this ship is extremely fast and can easily kill most players and bosses. With the right amount of skill, this ship is pretty much unstoppable.

Weapons: Twin Cannon x2, chase cannons, rudder, side rows x4-Total of 9 upgrades.

Strategy: Upon spawn, there will be a green circle. For beginners, without collecting any coins simply find the green emerald inside the circle and collect it. For a better, but slightly harder technique for more advanced players try collecting a total of 90% on the upgrade bar, (bronze=10, silver=20, gold=30, bronze star=50 and don't get the blue diamond!) and then collect the emerald. This will give you a 90% bonus towards your upgrade after the emerald. Anyways, for both strategies, the emerald (starting with no upgrades first) will give you 5 upgrades. Spend these on 1 side row, a rudder and then the twin cannons. Next buy chase cannons and then buy-side rows to reach the max when more upgrades are gained. Upgrade your hull strength a little and auto repairs slightly more, reload speed the same as auto repairs and spend the rest on evenly upgrading cannon range and damage. Try to avoid players stronger then you and bosses. Once your cannon range and damage are both fully upgraded upgrade your hull strength to level 7 or 8 and then work on upgrading auto repairs to the max. then make sure your hull strength is level 8 and upgrade your reload speed to level 7. You should be level 75 now. Now, at level 75 this class is beastly and pretty much destroys everything. Just whenever you reach low strength retreat, and your ship should rebuild pretty fast. Also avoid people trying to ram you, which should be easy being that you have insane speed. Now, just to prove to you that this strategy is as good as I say it is I put a screenshot that I took on my computer while in the midst of a match below all this text. Sorry for low resolution on the pic, but just in case you can't tell what the picture shows, it shows that I am number one with the upgrades I explained above. I also only took this screenshot about halfway through the game and when I had about 53K points. I did not take any screenshots later on in the game but I did go on to over 150K and was finally ended by Queen Anne. I really hope you try this strategy and go on to like it as much as I do. Thanks for reading!
Screenshot 2017-12-17 at 7.39.38 PM (1).png
Semi-Dreadnought 0,15,15,15,0,15,0,15 An extremely fast ship with a high DPS. Great for destroying bosses with about the strength of the SS Doblons, this is a ship that belongs in the Attarcet Fleet along with other Swivel Cannon users or can just go solo. This ship can be useful for killing rammers and other melee ships due to the fast speed and damage from the cannons. Also good for killing sniper build ships but stay away from ships with a high rate of fire or DPS unless you are traveling with the Attarcet Fleet. Note: It is harder to gain a kill if you are traveling with the fleet, as it may be stolen.

Recommended weapons: 4 Swivels, at least 3 Side Cannons, a Mine Dropper or Big Mine Dropper and a Ram. Recommended Fleet: 1 Man Of War and 2 Battleships.

Light Battleship 0,15,15,15,10,10,10,0 A fragile ship that has a minimum amount of health. It cannot damage the enemy by ramming but has excellent firepower and speed. It has low health, making this build weak against most attacks, but can recover health quickly.

Recommended weapons: Auto Cannons, and Grape Cannon.

Hit-And-Run 3,7,15,15,15,10,10,0 This build is fast, maneuverable, and has excellent firepower. The ship has 3 health upgrades, making it resistant to minor attacks, but still relatively vulnerable. As the name implies, it is used for hit-and-run attacks, coming in quickly to deal some damage, then retreating to heal.

Recommended weapons: Grape Cannon, Swivel Cannon.

Collector 0,15,10,10,10,15,15,0 A weak but fast ship. When used with Side Rows, this build is incredibly fast, but it can be difficult to maneuver. It has low health, making this build weak against most attacks, but can recover health quickly. Use this build with caution.
Double Staircase 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14 This Is Quite Similar To The Collector With The Move/Turn Speed.

Go With This Build If You Want A Challenge. :)

Crab 5,5,15,15,15,10,10,0 This build is based on the historical minelayer Crab. Good characteristics and a lot of left mines. Name yourself Мinеlауеr Сrаb.

Weapons: Gatlin Cannons, Bigger Mine Dropper, Chaser Cannon

Gunner Ship 5,5,15,15,15,10,10,0

A fragile ship that excellent on firepower and has a decent amount of health. It's slower than any light build, but still has a good amount of speed and turn capabilities.

Recommended weapons: Grape Cannon, Mine Dropper (Weapon) , Twin Cannon

Gunner Ship II 0,10,15,15,15,10,10,0

This build quite is similar with Gunner Ship build, however, it has lower health, but faster and has a good amount of health regeneration.

Recommended weapons: Grape Cannon, Quad Cannon, Rear Cannon, Chaser Cannon

Hit-And-Run II 4,15,11,15,15,15,0,0 Fast but weak like the Hit-And-Run build but it is stronger and faster with more regen at the cost of range and turn speed. Recommended weapons: Grape Cannon, Rear Cannon, Chase Cannon, Swivel Cannon
Sneaky death 5,15,0,0,0,15,15,15 It uses only 65 upgrades, so it can see and kill all players that have max upgrades(top players). Weapons: 3 Side Rows, Ultra ram, Rudder

Weak against: Anti-Ram builds

The Hyena 5,10,15,15,15,15,0,0 It is good for fighting bosses although you have an extreme dodging skill to defeat them.. much to say, this build can defeat 75 level ships but you need the skill to defeat them. And this is different than the beam ship.

Recommended weapons: Gatlin Cannons. Equipment: 1 or more side rows. More side rows can make your ship faster, but average turning, and thus rudder. Made by the anon hyena (me.) If it was long, sorry.

Hyena's Twin 5,10,15,15,15,15,0,0 It's pretty much an updated version of The Hyena. As usual, you need dodging skills. This has low ramming, but good at guns.

Recommended weapons: Twin Cannons, Side Cannon. Equipment: Rudder, Ultra ram.

USS Delaware 4,15,13,15,0,15,13,0 A fast ship with high damage guns, this ship was named after the USS Delaware launched in 1909. Gun bosses and enemies with your cannons. It is best to not fight any heavyweight builds with fast cannon range, they may tend to finish you off quickly with their strong cannons. This build can be effective against the Warship Combo if you use it correctly, as the Gatlin Cannons tend to finish them off very quickly, the Big Cannons on the Warship Combo has low cannon range so dodge the incoming bullets, show off you firepower towards the Warship Combo and beat the crap out of the Warship! Try fighting Middle Class/Light Class Twin Cannon or Quad Cannon ships, you have a higher reload than them so don't hesitate, but avoid them when you are low on health, otherwise, you are an easy target. For those last 13 points, don't put them in reload, instead, put them in Turn Speed, you Side Rows heavily decrease it and you need to turn well for some situations such as getting the green emerald or dodging bullets, also, you already have a high reload so just ignore reload and enjoy this build.

Recommended weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, Side Rows (at lest upgraded once), Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons.

0800 Hybrid 5,5,10,15,15,10,0,15 This is basically a smaller version of my Juggernaut build, it goes much faster obviously, and keeps the massive bullet/ram damage

but the same regen

Recommended weapons: Twin cannons, Ultra ram, Grape cannons, Rudder

CSS Alabama 0,5,15,15,15,10,15,0

My personal build, a lightweight ship great for chasing down ships. It's terrible for killing bosses, but great for emerald hunting and hunting down ships. Would love recommendations for a different name for this build, the current one is just the name of my personal ship (and if you change the name, delete this message).

Recommended Weapons: Gatlin cannons, Grape cannons, Chase cannons, Back optional (I use the rudder, but mines are fine too)

Recommended Fleet: I use two Battleships and a Man of War, but if you have a better combo, feel free to use it!

Weak Against: Bosses



Use: 4 swivel cannons, 1 rudder. Optional: Chase cannons, scatter cannons/grape shot.

This build is all about speed. It is better to swerve out of the way of bullets than to absorb them. The rudder allows you to turn quickly, as the hitbox only registers one cannon. 4 swivels whittle down health, and 15 regen allows Santa Maria and Queen Anne bullets (if they hit you) to be canceled out in 2 seconds. With it, I have killed the SS Doblons, MG Masterov, Santa Maria (twice), and IX Plode. It is also great against all players, even rammers (but beware the ships wielding 2 big cannons (if you want to be careful, take 1 point from regen and place it in hull strength).

Banana Bomb 0,15,15,15,0,15,15,0 This build is similar to a bomb. The bullets will scatter in all directions. Use skin a Banana, and you make the classic banana bomb from Worms. The build is not very powerful, but very maneuverable, allowing you to deal with the rams.

Weapons: Chase Cannons, Scatter Cannon, Quad Cannon (the second cannon is optional), Rear Cannon. Skin: Banana.

Crazygamer's build 9,12,12,15,12,12,2,0 Crazygamer uses this build and when used correctly it can easily destroy other players and bosses. use the Ambient skin
Scharnhorst 7,7,15,15,15,15,1,0 Upgrades: 2 Double Cannons, Rudder

Highspeed gunboat with moderate survivability.

The confuser $90 $110 $150 $Maxed-out $70 $130 $110 $0 The reason its call The confusing because it's a, well odd ship with 3 rows, 2 twin cannons, and rudder it is an odd but good ship. This ship is great with a fleet (2 battleships and a man of war). Overall good with players without full of near full hull strength WARNING: Don't fight bosses, you will die. BTW I told the price you need to see on the upgrades so you can be sure you got the right upgrades. ENJOY!
Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 4.10.57 PM.png
The Assassin 0,5,15,10,15,15,15,0 The Assassin is exactly what its name says. This extremely agile Destroyer truly bullies most builds - but comes at a high cost - as this build is extremely difficult to master. When playing, get 90% and find a green gem. Once the gem is acquired, upgrade with triple gatlins and a set of side rows. Quickly find some more doblons, and get a rudder. Collect more doblons, and get yourself 4 sets of rows. Once you have that, use your excellent maneuverability and go boss slaying. WARNING: Be careful when fighting bosses, as you need to master to evade the projectiles since you have a very low hit point total. this build dominates in TDM and FFA. When playing, avoid sniper ships, and use my favorite tactic to annoy the heck out of everyone - 'The Circle of Death' - which can be done by circling the enemy at an alarming rate whilst spraying them with your gatlins. The Assassin doesn't need any frontal attachments, as they usually give away your location and allow skilled snipers to one-shot (or two) you, sending you straight back to the starting screen. To sum up the build, this build is excellent at defeating bosses, low HP targets, ram builds (as they will never catch you), juking with ships, and zipping around the map catching all of the doblons before everyone else can even get halfway. The Assassin is calling for skilled players to harness its power.

STRENGTHS; 1v1s, Boss slaying, long-range attack, very close-range attack, obliterating ram builds, evading projectiles, and getting doblons before literally anyone else.

WEAKNESSES: Survivability, the very high skill-cap, very easy to mess up (if not very skilled), and the scariest - fishing boats. (Just kidding, you shred them)

FLEET: 1 Man of War; one Mine Layer; one Battleship.

You will know if you're playing this thing correctly, as if well-played, expect an average score of about 200k.

You can see me in-game with the username HenBurger, HCMS HenBurger, Le HenBurger, or as Pesky Bird.

Hope to see you there, naval commanders!

Middle-Class Ship

Middle-Class ships must have between 5 and 10 health upgrades (inclusive). They tend to have average amounts of HP and are generally gunner/light rammer builds.

Build Name Build Description
Hybrid 7,12,15,15,15,11,0,0 Regularly gets 300k score, kills all bosses and players with ease.

Upgrades: rudder, 4 swivel cannons, ultra ram, grape cannon

Fleet: 2x Battleship, Man of War.

Strategy: Use bullets on bosses, and use bullets while chasing down players & finish them off with the ram.

It's a quick ship with high DPS and rams damage; once at max upgrades, kill bosses and hunt down high scoring players, and just farm points easily.

All-Rounder 6, 6,15,15,15,6,6,6 With 6 health upgrades, this build can withstand damage and whittle away opponents' health but is not well equipped for long combat. Add a ram nose to counter rammer builds, twin cannons for medium firepower and side rows for speed.
Boss Slayer 8,7,15,15,15,15,0,0 This ship, having 8 health upgrades, is resistant to attacks, but it has no ram protection. It has excellent damage per second, making this build decent against bosses. Recommended weapons are Deck Cannons (x2), Side Cannons, Chase Cannons, Rear Cannon (optional).
USS Massachusetts 6,9,15,15,15,15,0,0 A long-range ship that moves just as fast or faster than a light rammer, definitely faster than a heavy rammer. Attack ships from far away with hard to dodge bullets that deal high damage, this is especially hard for heavyweight ships to avoid your attacks, keep them on track and don't lose them. However, be careful as they may tend to fight you and can finish you off depending on their deck upgrade such as Swivel Cannons if you are to come in a situation with a Swivel Cannon player, stay far away and snipe the player. This can defeat a Cannon Damage Swivel Cannon player almost every time, however, if their cannon range is high, there is a chance of getting hit by the bullets if they have shot the bullets in a certain direction such as if they try to aim in front of you. Other than that make them an easy fight or run away with your speed if you think you can't win.

Recommended Weapons: A Buster Cannon, Side Rows upgraded at least twice, a Rear Cannon and a Ram.

Preceded by: USS Delaware

Followed By: USS New Mexico

Brawler 8,7,9,15,15,15,6,0 This ship is designed for mid to short-range combat, it has the mobility to avoid heavy attacks and the health to survive getting shot. It's similar to the Boss Slayer but modified for quick-turns. Recommended weapons are Twin Cannons (x2) and Mine Dropper. Additional recommendations are Grape Shot and Chase cannon.

The Mine dropper may slow you down but it's well worth the distractions, additionally, you don't want side cannons because they'll both slow you down and make your hitbox bigger, Side rows will both make you bigger, cripple your turn rate and make you move too fast to stay at a steady brawling distance. Ram will reduce your turn rate but take it if you wish.

Corvette 5,10,10,15,0,10,10,15 This lightweight, maneuverable ship is able to obliterate smaller ships by ramming or takedown ships similar to its size with its high-damage Gatlin Cannons. It is not well-equipped for combat against ships with maximum hull strength, Big Cannons, Twin Cannons, or Sniper Cannons. Try to avoid these ships if at all possible. If you start getting chased by a ship that is faster than you, try to turn around and ram them. It may be your only chance at survival.

Weapons: Gatlin Cannons, Ram/Greater Ram, Side Cannons (max 2).

Battlecrusier 7,9,14,15,15,15,0,0 A fast ship with great DPS and fights bosses pretty well, just stay far away enough to reduce any possible damage from the boss and clear any rammers and other high DPS ships that might try to take away your kill. Don't hesitate with rammers, your Auto Cannons may quickly finish them off and you move much faster than them, however, be careful as they can either create a fleet as a distraction to your Auto Cannons or may easily arc then quickly destroy you on your side. Side upgrading is inappropriate because they will weaken your maneuverability, this is very important when fighting bosses.

Note: Some boss fights recommended fleets if their DPS is high.

Boss fights when fleets are a must: Queen Anne, IX Plode (optional), Dutchman, MS Chocolate.

Boss fights when the fleet is unnecessary: Black Pearl, SS Doblons, Santa Maria, IX Plode (optional), MG MasterOv.

Recommended Weapons: 4 Auto Cannons, a Rudder, and Ultra Ram.

Navy Sniper Unit 9,9,8,12,15,15,7,0 (fighter) or8,8,7,15,15,15,7,0 (ranger) Fast and damaging for a ship its size, the Navy Sniper Unit is a good choice for those who like sailing around and vanquishing enemies. Able to outrange most hostile ship units with powerful Gatlin or twin cannons with the maneuverability to run away and survive and in the right hands it is very powerful. Weapons are as follows: Buster Cannon, Grape Cannon, Chase Cannons and a Rear Cannon.
Beam ship 10,5,15,15,15,10,5,0 A moderately fast ship that wastes down enemy health with:

chase cannons, side rows (1), Gatlin cannons (3), and mines (optional).

Blastin Boat 7,7,13,15,13,15,0,5 A swift ship that can take down various sporadic builds, heavyweight ships, and bosses due to the high DPS and cannon range that makes it hard for most ships to escape your attacks. Avoid long-range cannon wielders such as Swivel Cannon and Buster Cannon users unless they are low on health. When they are low on health, they can either try to escape or weaken you, your DPS is high however so you may easily take them out with no problem, note that sometimes this attempt may leave you low on health so run away from any other ship you see once winning the fight. Try to go for the green emerald, your fast speed may easily beat other ships and takedown nearby lightweight builds that move faster than you. Find and hopefully collect it and escape from any other ships that attempt to try to kill you and steal your loot from you. No worries about rammers, since your ship is fast, you may easily chase them and deal high damage since you once again have a high DPS, that way, you may easily kill them, just fight them like when destroying light bosses, your movment speed is also useful for escaping from them if being followed by one. This paragraph has been long enough, now to the weapons.

Quick Note: If you upgrade your ship to have 3 pairs of side cannons and used with the chocolate skin, it is MS Chocolate's child or possibly just nicknamed the SS Dob.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Twin Cannons, Side Cannons (at least upgraded once), a Rudder and Chase Cannons.

The Bear 10,10,10,15,15,15,0,0 This ship goes really fast for 10 hull strength, good regen, good range, and great damage. It uses: Big Cannons (x2), Side Rows (x3), Rudder, and Ultra Ram
Big Blaster 10,5,15,15,15,15,0,0 This build also can defeat bosses, due to the damage. When you use valentine skin and this build, it looks like Queen Anne's child. Recomended Weapons: Big Cannons (2), Side Cannon (3), Rudder and Chase Cannons.
Mini Bone Grinder 6,6,15,15,15,6,6,6 The Mini Bone Grinder is therefore the second strongest middleweight class build. Good speed, DPS and reload can take down any ship that tends to stand a chance, especially bosses and heavyweight builds if used correctly.

Strong Against: Slow ships, most lightweight and heavyweight ships, most noob builds, ships with low cannon range, Sniper/Buster cannon players without a heavyweight build and low cannon range.

Weak Against: Sniper/Buster cannon users with heavyweight builds and very fast cannon range, high DPS, rammers (unless rammer is low on health).

Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatling Cannons, Side Cannons (at least upgraded twice), a Rudder and Chase Cannons.

The Quadrapede 4,10,14,14,15,15,0,5 The Quadrapede looks kinda like a centipede, but has lesser "legs". This thing is strongly advised to be supervised on its rear end... Recommended; Side Rows (x4), Chase Cannons, Rudder and Auto Cannons (4x) *belongs in lightweight ships
Havoc Machine 7,7,14,15,15,15,0,2 It is recommended to use this build to camp around giant islands and let enemies chase you in circles around the island, use the Grape Cannons to catch the enemy by weakening it's health and use your speed to get behind the enemy fast enough to finish it with your Big Cannons. Turn Speed isn't necessary because your Grape Cannons already help you turn smoothly. Grape Cannons are the reason why movement speed is important for this build, Grape Cannons slow you down and you need to escape stronger ships if being attacked by one.

Recommend Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, a Rear Cannon and a Ram.

Super Spam Juggernaut 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 0, 0, 0 Weapons: Three gatlin' cannons, grape shot cannons, chase cannons, rear cannon, (no fleet required and is not suggested >:(

The SPJ is the ultimate Middle Class build by far. Fast enough to deciamte an entire fleet of ships at lvl 75, can defeat most any boss, and will not fail to spam hit enemy ships. . Results are guaranteed victorious and alive all the time. Circle bosses, chase rammers, be number 1! PS. spam your friends and they will get very pissed at you! ;)

Heavyweight Class Ship

Heavyweight class ships must have between 10 and 15 health upgrades (inclusive). They tend to be slow and powerful gunships, or heavy rammers.

Cosplay Builds

Build Name

Build Description

The Ultimate Nightmare

7/7/15/15/15/15/1/0 (Chase Cannon)

10/6/13/13/11/11/0/11 (Greater Ram)

Weapons: 3 or 4 Side Cannon, 4 Swivel Cannon, 1 Chase Cannon/Greater Ram, and Rudder/Rear Cannon/Mine Dropper/Bigger Mine Dropper

Recommended Skin: Pirate (You can choose any skin you think is a good choice for the build)

Recommended Fleet: 1 Man Of War, and 2 Battleships

Strategy: If you are battling against another player, use your heavy firepower to gun him down, but if you a powerful player sneaked attacked you when you have low health, circle around the player and shoot him and retreat if you are taking damage. Rammers aren't too much of a problem. Just don't be afraid to fire on it. When you're versing a boss, circle around it, dodge the bullets, and shoot it. Be careful Queen Anne, since Queen Anne is very powerful.
The Ultimate Nightmare.png
I got 331k and was defeated by Queen Anne. I hope you try this out and go as far as me. You don't need 4 Side Cannon, I usually use 3, but it increases the firepower, but slows down your turning speed and makes you a bigger target, which is nothing to worry because sometimes you want people to spot you so they can try to kill you, which is probably impossible (lol). I hope you have fun with this combo.

Note: In my screenshot, it shows that my username is . but its usually AGameWiz. You HAVE TO USE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE for this build to work. It might be hard, but you only use the keys A and D to move. S slows you down, so press W. Also, 7/7/15/15/15/15/1/0 is a great build for any combo that has priority on firepower, but isn't the best for a anti-ram combo. For the Greater Ram combo, just let rammers come, shoot them, and let them ram you. They will automatically die. Also, the anti-ram combo is still a really good combo.

M!DN!GHT (4x Swivel Cannons)

(3x Side Cannons)

This build can take over the leader board almost automatically. When you have maxed out Auto Repair, Cannon Range, Cannon Damage, Reload Speed, and Move Speed, this ship can pack a BIG punch.
Valkyrie I 15,7,10,15,11,7,5,5 This build is short and strong, it is strong enough to handle ONE ramming build. This build is good at duels, but weak against bosses.Also, it is able to destroy other player's without a fleet.

Wearpons: Two Big cannons, Bigger mines, Grape cannon, Chase cannons.


10,10,12,12,11,10,10,0 This build is upgraded mostly evenly, placing priority on firepower.

Recommended Weapons: Big Cannon, Chase Cannons, and Side Cannon.Rea

Rammer 15,15,0,0,0,15,15,15 This build is, as its name implies, a rammer build. It is a heavy rammer with high health, maneuverability, speed, and has maximum ram damage. For weapons, choose Side Rows and Battering Ram/Greater Ram/Ultra Ram. You may want a Mine Dropper or Rear Cannon to dissuade rammers or other ships chasing you, but a rudder can also help chase people down.
Fighter 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 This build is good at fighting at any range but the movement speed and turn speed is horrible. This is like the Rammer build but with the 6 last stats swapped. (if you know what that means.)

Recommended Weapons: Big Cannon, Side Cannons.

DESTRUCTOR 14,5,15,15,6,15,0,5 This build just might be one of the most powerful builds, or possibly the strongest of all. Use your cannons to destroy fleets and strong groups of players as well, the best chance of killing them is to use your speed to get close to them and make your slow bullets harder to dodge, though watch out if they have a Rudder since you may get killed by it, otherwise, when you are close to it, move to the victim's side and shoot them from there. When fighting bosses like the Santa Maria or MG MasterOv, you can circle them and dodge their attacks with your Rudder while gunning the boss. At certain times, this build can be effective against rammers if used correctly by simply chasing them down. But make sure the are not behind your rear or your side, otherwise, you are easy to kill.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, a Rudder, 4 Side Rows and Chase Cannons. Fleet: 2 Fishing Boats and 1 Man Of War.

Deceiver 12,11,6,6,6,11,12,11 This is a "deceiving" build, as with its weak firepower it seems like it is a weak gunner build but when opponents try to track you down, thinking you are no opponent, slow down and use your ramming stats to obliterate them. Though, your ram nose may give you away. It is extremely unadvised to try this on a rammer builds as they are obviously meant for better ramming than you. If one of these rammer builds persists; let your cannons weaken them and ram them, but it is still a high risk. Recommended Items: Side Rows (x3), Twin cannons or Gatlin cannons and a Big Mine dropper.
USS New Mexico 13,9,15,15,8,12,3,0 (Battleship) 12,12,12,15,10,13,1,0 (Fighter) or 13,9,14,15,8,13,3,0 (Submarine) Three fighter types all very strong with medium speed. Overall can defeat all bosses but requires a use of keyboard and mouse to fight bosses unless you are using the Submarine build that has Auto Cannons, therefore, you may want to choose the Submarine build if you want to fight bosses and kill them with no problem. Heavy rammmers are definitely faster but can be easily weakened by your cannons, so no problem about them. Enjoy the build, and get to the top of the leaderboard!

Recommend Weapons: Battleship: 3 Gatlin Cannons, Chase Cannons, and a Mine Dropper (big or small it doesn't really matter) Fighter: 4 Auto Cannons, Mine Dropper (big or small it dosen't matter), and Chase Cannons. Submarine: 4 Swivel Cannons, Rear Cannon, Side Rows and a Ram.

The true Sea Turret 12,3,15,15,15,15,0,0 This build is heavily armoured, however it is fast and manoeuvrable. This ship may appear to be slow and tedious, but in fact it is faster than most ships. Just chase them and gun them down. If you take damage, retreat and repair. Try not to take too much damage, as the regeneration is low. Then, go back in and repeat. (Note that this build is not designed for ramming)

Choose weapons with high DPS (damage per second).

Galleon Gunship Variant:


Ram Variant:


This ship has two variants: One focused on steady damage output, and one focused on ramming. Choose whichever one that fits your playing style.

This well-rounded ship can withstand damage consistently, yet deal a fair amount of damage as well. It can withstand ramming attacks as well as most cannon fire. The gunship variant can quickly destroy a small ship, and even engage in combat with a larger ship. The ramming variant can drain an opponent's health with bullets and finish off with a ramming attack, or vice versa, as well as discourage ranged attacks by dealing a fair amount of long-range damage. However, neither variant can chase certain faster ships for long distances.

Choose Ram fronts and Gatlin Cannons. Do not upgrade Side Cannons more than twice, as this will not only slow you down, but also make you a bigger target. Do as you wish with rear weapons.

Navy Destroyer Unit 15,5,15,15,15,6,4,0 Unlike it's Navy counterpart, the Sniper Unit, this ship is a reckless havoc machine that is hard to return fire on, sending high-powered bullets everywhere. Though it is not for extremely long use, as the health regeneration is horrible.

For maximum destroying power use Grape Cannons, double Big Berthas, a rear cannon and a ram nose.

Destroyer Buster 10,15,15,15,15,0,0,5 Compact and deadly this build is capable of destroying rammer and gunner ships with both huge firepower and anti ramming capabilities. Being a compact ship, it can't be easily targeted by other busters because of a small hitbox. Also, the sheer firepower of your buster cannon can be deadly and making them flee instead.

Recommended in this build is a Buster Cannon, Scatter Cannon for protection, and a Ultra Ram for anti ramming. You can do anything in the back cannons if you want.

Juggernaut 15,5,10,15,15,0,0,15 Recommended weapons for this build are 2 duals, grape cannons and ultra ram (you can use anything for rear). With high ram damage and firepower makes this a very powerful build, and is also very hard to kill as it has 15 points in hull strength, and is however prone to hit-and-run tactics because of low speed and regen.
Trump Wall 15,10,10,15,10,0,0,15 Recommended weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, Rudder, and Ultra Ram.
King of War 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, 3 or more Side Cannons, Ram or Chase Cannons(optional), Mine Layer/Rear Cannon/Rudder (optional)
iDubbbzTV 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, Grape Cannons, a Ram and a Mine Dropper
Machine Gun Kell 15,15,15,15,3,0,0,12 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, 4 Side Rows, Chase Cannons and a Rudder.
Blue Dead 15,15,10,15,15,0,0,5 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, a Rudder and Chase Cannons.
Beefy Sunman 15,10,15,15,10,0,0,10 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivels, Side Cannons (3x), a Big Mine Dropper and a Ram
InfernitesMaster 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: Side Rows, 2 Big Cannons, Chase Cannons and a Rear Cannon
ZorchMaster 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: Side Rows, 3 Gatlin Cannons, Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons
VulkMaster 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: A Buster Cannon, Side Cannons, a Rudder and Chase Cannons
FlainMaster 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Side Cannons, a Ram and a Rudder
Cannon Blasters 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 2 big auto cannons, and 4 auto cannons
Amadeus 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, Grape Cannons, Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons
EnderDragonTitan 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, Side Cannons, Chase Cannons, and a Big or Normal Mine Dropper
SnowGolemTitan 15,15,0,15,15,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Side Rows, a Big Mine Dropper and a Ram
Master Inferno 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Auto Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, a Rudder and a Ram
Elusive 15,15,0,15,15,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, a Big Mine Dropper, 4 pairs of Side Rows and a Ram
Ender Colossus 15,15,0,15,15,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, a Ram and a Big Mine Dropper
Deadman Soul 15,14,14,15,2,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, 4 Side Rows, a Rudder and Chase Cannons
Zombie Pigman Titan 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: Any number for Cannons, a Ram and a Big Mine Dropper
Wither Skeleton Titan 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Side Cannons, 2 Big Cannons, a Big Mine Dropper and a Ram
TYT Sirius 15,15,15,15,5,0,0,10 It is effectively great against bosses between the strength of the Santa Maria and the Black Pearl which is also an easy target, can beat MG Masterov too.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, Big Mine Dropper and Battering Ram, Greater Ram, or Ultra Ram.

Crossbones JPN 15,15,14,15,14,0,0,2 Recommended Weapons: 4 Side Rows, 2 Quad Cannons, a Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons.
87HOVw 15,10,10,15,15,0,0,10 It is able to use both, Bullets and ramming. This Build has very good bullets, high amount of health, and is also able to dodge a few attacks. However, if you are low on health with this build, it takes a bit longer than all other Builds, until your health is back to full. It has only Swivel Cannons for ranged attacks, other parts are supported for ramming. Once using this build, IX Plode could be challenging.

Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, 4 Side Rows, Ultra Ram and Rudder

SS Windows 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, 4 Side Rows, Ultra Ram and Rudder
MS Micro-Soft 15,15,3,15,12,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: Buster Cannon, Grape Cannon, Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons
Obsi-Die-An 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 Recommended 4 Swiwel Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, a Ram and a Rear Cannon
Ball Pig 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: Quad Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, a Ram and a Rudder
The Spoon's ship 84 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 With this build, you can kill most players and mostly every boss. Make the Bosses attack you from the side, to deal lots of damage to the Boss, with the Side and Quad Cannons. If you use the Battleships and a Man of War, press the keys like this: T, then Y, then T again, so right and left are equal strength. Use a greater Ram, for Anti-Ramming.

Recommended Weapons: Quad Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, a Ram and a rear cannon.

Rahovart 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 If you use this build and enemy players attack you from the side, you can do great amount of damage to the enemy player, if that player also uses lightweight or glass cannon build, he instantly dies, once hit by the bullets. If you fight bosses, just let them attack you from the side, and you do a good amount of damage to the boss.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Side Cannons, Rear Cannon and a Ram

Vampiric Hand 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 Due to your powerful buster cannon and heavy armor, you can obliterate most ships in a 1v1 match. Use your Mine Dropper to ward off Rammers and give yourself extra time to attack enemies. Have a Mine Dropper, Battleship, and Man of War if you plan on having a fleet. Your Buster Cannon allows you to strike Bosses from afar. You will die if you attack the IX Plode, but this is quite a good boss fighter otherwise. Recommended Weapons: Chase Cannons, Buster Cannon, Grape Cannons, and a Mine Dropper
Antiboss Machine 15,15,15,15,6,0,0,9 Recommended 2 big cannons,Rudder,Chase cannons and 4 side cannons
Midnight Titan 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Great dodging Skills combined With Anti-Ramming, can take on most 1v1s. Also a great Boss Killer. You might want to avoid Players with the Roc or Verdant Spoon Builds.

Recommended Weapons: Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, a Ram and a Rudder

The Roc 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivels, Grape Cannons. Rudder and Ultra Ram
The Solar Reiver 15,10,10,15,15,0,0,10 Recommended Weapons: 3 Gatlin Cannons, Grape Cannons, Rudder and Ultra Ram
SS Fanta 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 It does lots of damage with It's Big Cannons and is a Rammer, both in one Build. It is also a good Build to defeat Bosses, but, when fighting a stronger Boss, try to distract it.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, 4 Pairs of Side Rows, Ultra Ram and Rudder

Coke 84 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, Grape Cannons, Big Mine Dropper and Ultra Ram
The Sock Colossus 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, Ultra Ram and Big Mine Dropper
Fork 92 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, Ultra Ram and a Rear Cannon
The Verdant Spoon 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 This Build might insta-kill a Lightweight Ship. To kill a Rammer, just shoot it with your Big Cannon a few times and then let it ram you, you are most likely to win.

Recommended Weapons: 2 Big Cannons, Grape Cannons, Chase Cannons and Rear Cannon

Dark Tissue 15,10,10,10,0,10,10,10 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, Grape Cannons, Ultra Ram and Rear Cannon
Pepsilina 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, Grape Cannons, Chase Cannons and Bigger Mines
The Queen of Tissues 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Recommended Weapons: 4 Swivel Cannons, Grape Cannons, Chase Cannons and Rear Cannon
Build Description
Man of War 7,15,0,15,15,10,10,3 It's a cosplay for Man of War fleets. Uses Side Cannons, Bigger Mines, Auto Cannons with any skin. Used to be a Middle Class Build.
Santa Maria 15,15,15,15,5,0,0,10 it's a cosplay for Santa Maria Bosses. Uses 3 Side Cannons, 2 Big Cannons, and Ram Nose with Hazard skin. Used to be a Heavy Class Build.
Black Pearl 10,15,15,15,8,5,4,3 It's a cosplay for Black Pearl Bosses. Uses 4 Side Cannons, 2 Quad Cannons, and Ram Nose with Black skin. Used to be a Middle Class Build.
IX Plode 15,15,15,15,15,0,0,0 It's a cosplay for IX Plode Bosses. Uses Scatter Cannon and Buster Cannon with XPlode skin. Used to be a Heavy Class Build.
Dutchman 10,15,6,15,15,7,7,0 It looks similar to a Dutchman. Has 3 Swivel Cannons, 4 Side Cannons and a ram. It is a Middle Class Build. Uses Ghostly Skin.
MG Masterov 15,10,0,0,10,15,10,15 It is similar to MG Masterov Boss. Uses a ram, 3 Side Rows and a Bigger Mine dropper. It is a Heavy Build. Uses Master Skin.
Atlantis 15,15,15,15,0,0,0,15 Cosplay to Atlantis Boss. Uses 2 Big Cannons, 3 Side Cannons, a Rear Cannon and Chase Cannons. It is a Heavy Class Build. This build can also remind people of the Atlantis, unless they never saw Atlantis. Uses Midnight Skin.
MS Chocolate 10,13,15,15,15,5,0,2 This is a cosplay for MS Chocolate boss. It uses 3 Gatling Cannons, 3 Side Cannons, and 1 Battering Ram. This is a middle/heavy class build. Uses

巧克力 (Chocolate) skin.