Doblons are coins and treasures that dot the arena and that you collect to upgrade your ship. These doblons also increase your score. There are six types of them :

  1. The Bronze Coin gives $10 and 10 score and is a Bright Brown Coin.
  2. The Silver Coin gives $20 and 20 score and is a Bright Grey Coin.
  3. The Golden Coin gives $30 and 30 score and is a Yellow Coin.
  4. The Ruby gives $50 and 50 score and looks like a Red Rhombus. It was added at v3.9.
  5. The Diamond gives $100 and 100 score and looks like a Bright Blue Rhombus. It was added at v3.2.
  6. The Emerald gives $500 and 500 score and looks like a Green Stretched-Out Rhombus. It was added at v4.0.

Diamonds and Rubies only spawn in the middle of the arena. This is probably because there is always a boss guarding the middle, so it makes it harder and more dangerous to get them.

Unlike Diamonds and Rubies, the Emerald can appear anywhere on the map. Its location is also shown on the Radar as a huge green circle, the emerald is not always on the middle of it though, it spawns anywhere in the circle. The Emerald was added at v4.0. The Emerald's value also changed from $150 to $500 at v4.5. There can be only one Emerald on the map, and when collected, teleports to another area on the map. After an Emerald is collected, there is a slight delay before the green circle will change to match where the new Emerald is located.