The Staff are people who help the wiki!

Queen Anne

This is the Usertag given to our Bureaucrats, They can't be demoted by another Queen Anne, so they are the highest rank out there.

Santa Maria

This is the Usertag given to our Admins or Sysops, they help moderate our wiki & have the power to delete pages & Ban Users.

SS Doblons

This is the Usertag given to our Content Moderators, they have the ability to Delete Pages.


This is the Usertag that is given to our Discussion Moderators, they help Moderate Discussions.

Current staff

This is the current staff (Rank from highest power to lowest level of power)


SectorProtector (Bureaucrat,Admin) (Active when you ask them to be)

Content Moderators

SS Hyena (Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator, Rollback) (Inactive)

Applying for staff

To become a staff, you must have an account on Wikia, as we cannot promote random users. You also need to have some experience with moderating.