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Quick Note: This game is not for kids under 8. Little kids are not allowed to play this game because you battle and kill people.

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Welcome to the Wikia!

Welcome to the wikia! This is a game that is reminiscent of and In this game, you play as a pirate ship, collecting loot and destroying other pirate ships. Are you ready to shoot your way to the top of the leaderboard?

If You have Problems Troubleshooting go Here

Other games made by Sidney De Vries include, and

The wikis for those sites are and

You can post your ideas here, here or even here~

Also, feel free to join our Discord~!

How To Play

In order to level up and be the best in your block, you'll have to go around collecting loot/doblons and killing other pirate ships. Some of the upgrades cost different amounts of money, and the price increases every time you upgrade them. There are different types of currency, which are: Bronze, Silver, Diamond and Emerald. The Bronze coins will give you $10, Silver will give $20, Gold will give $30, Ruby will give you 50$, Diamond will give you $100 and Emerald will give you 500$.

When you have collected enough money, you get to choose a free upgrade, like a side cannon or a mine dropper. Why don't you try it out? Enjoy!

The Repair Dock

This is the Repair dock, any issues concerning the wiki will be posted here.

Caps project: Everybody please help in the removal of caps in all pages, as they make the wiki look unprofessional.

The first 3 People who achieve 1,000 edits WITHOUT farming, will get a discussions mod position, Contact me for more details @ SectorProtector

Help Pages with sanitation! A List of them can be found Here

Please try to talk to the founder through Discord(Our own wiki Discord not the other one). The founder's name on discord is Universe Of The Cats, unsurprisingly. Oh, and don't even THINK about taking my name. Anybody who is not sure click on my name on the right (find my name of course) and check that the number is #7520.

Anyone involved with extreme vandalism will get ashamed in front of us doblons ships.

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