This Page is a Community Page

This page is not a feature in or a Mechanic, Instead it is a page for Community-Related things in the wiki.

Keep in mind, You have to have a wikia account to get Edit Rewards!

Tier 1 Ship: You are a good person and can be trusted as a staff. Get this by achieving 50 edits. Tier 1 Ships will have a Bronze Color on their name. Current Tier 1 Ships: StevenHK1119,Terry Barboza,Mike18925,TOTMGsRock

Tier 2 Ship: You helped our wiki a lot and made thing the way they should be. Tier 2 Ships will have a Silver Color Get this by achieving 100 edits. Current Tier 2 Ships: Dcho4,Gregorian24,The Turret Of, SS Hyena

Tier 3 Ship: You got our wiki famous. You made us at least 30 pages. Get this by achieving 200 edits. Your name will appear as Gold Current Tier 3 Ships: SectorProtector, OMG18000 Gas, ThugLife69 , Jimmy is back ,Lightningstriker666, Conga0.

Tier 4 Ship: You made our wiki fancy. You had fixed every single mistake you could find. Get this by achieving 400 edits. Your name will appear as Diamond Current Tier 4 Ships:

Universe Of The Cats, Underslime

Tier 5 Ship: You have done everything you could to fix the wiki! Get this by achiving 666 Edits. Your name will appear as Emerald Current Tier 5 Ships: Oo1oo2oo3oo4

Tier 6 Ship: Congrats! Not only you are now in rollback position, But you have made everything very specific and improved every single page you could! Get this by achieving 1,000 Edits. Your name will appear as Ruby Tier 6 Ships: None

Tier 7 Ship: You made our wiki everything it could be, without your help our wiki would have been messy! Get this by achieving 1,337 Edits. Your name will appear as Purple Current Tier 7 Ships: None

Tier 8 Ship: I Don't know what to say, all I have to say is that you are one of the best editors on wikia! Get this by achieving 1,939 Edits. Current Tier 8 Ships: None

Tier 9 Ship: You are a legend. You have fixed any flaw you could find. Get this by achieving 2,500 Edits. Current Tier 9 Ships: None

Tier 10 Ship: You are a true legend. You have quickscoped every flaw you find, small or large. You are the King of this wikia. Get this by achieving 3,333 Edits. Current Tier 10 Ships : None