The MG Masterov is an AI-controlled boss that was added on October 25th. Unlike other bosses except the SS Doblons and the IX Plode boss this is not based of a real ship; instead, it refers to a famous YouTuber: MasterOv. It drops 6,000 coins and score when killed.


The MG Masterov is a long ship, and it uses the Master skin. It has three oars per side, a battering ram in front and a large mine dropper at the rear.


At the rear, the MG Masterov has a Big Mine Dropper. This boss has a fast speed, boosted by the rows. It has a power level of 80. It protects the middle and can't pursue players outside of it. With its fast speed, it can easily ram into large players. It has a high hull strength, but its repairing factor is weak.


The MG Masterov is basically a typical ram ship. If the player uses a fast moving gun build, they can chase the MG Masterov on its side and shoot the boss. High Bullet Speed is required, because the MG Masterov is fast, and slow bullets won't catch up with a fast ship. Sniper and Buster cannons have an advantage, because their bullets are fast on their own.

You can also let yourself be circled by this boss, because of it's low turn speed.

Master Skin, what this boss uses.

How this boss used to look.


  • This is the seventh boss added to the game.
  • This is the first boss based off a youtuber. The second one is IX Plode.
  • It is based of the Youtuber MasterOv, a Youtuber with 2.44 Million Subscribers.
  • The MG Masterov is faster than any other boss.
  • It's also the only boss that has side rows.
  • This boss is also the only boss that uses a Battering Ram instead of a Greater Ram as it's front weapon, unlike most other bosses.
  • This boss used to have two Gatling Cannons and a Greater Ram, but they have been removed and the boss' behavior changed, making it a pure rammer, which makes it the only boss that doesn't have a deck weapon and the only boss that has a battering ram, as most other bosses have a Greater Ram.
    • Through that, it used to have all 4 parts of weapons, like the SS Doblons and Atlantis.
      • However, unlike them, this Boss didn't have 2 Weapons of 1 Type.
    • After becoming a pure rammer, it's Mine Dropper has increased Reload Speed.
  • The Developer increased its turn speed in v5.7.
  • This boss used to be named MS MasterOv, but it was renamed to MG Masterov (it was changed in same update where it was changed to a rammer).
    • It's Power Level also got changed from 75 to 80 on the same update too, for an unknown reason.
  • The Developer increased its health in v5.4.

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