Navy skin. What this boss uses.

The SS Doblons is an AI controlled boss which was added on October 7th, 2016. It is colored grey and has 4 side cannons per side, two auto cannons, one Sniper cannon (Used to have a Big Cannon), and one Mine dropper. The SS Doblons itself is slow, but getting hit by its Sniper cannon can kill you in one shot. It has a power level of 85. It's unhistorical, unlike most of the other bosses. This boss drops 7,000 doblons and score when killed.


The SS Doblons uses the Navy Skin. It has four barrels at both the right and the left, and is equipped with 2 auto cannons and a sniper cannon on the top. It also has a mine dropper on the back. The auto cannons are very difficult to dodge; if you encounter it, you have a slim chance of survival if you don't have your hull strength upgraded.


  • This was the third boss to be added to the game.

    Old SS Doblons

  • The Mine Dropper used to drop Gold Doblons when in combat. This is now fixed.
  • This is the only boss purely coming out from the developer's imagination.
  • The Mine Dropper is much more powerful compared to normal players' droppers.
  • This is the first boss to have all parts ( front, side, deck, rear ) of weapons. The second one is the removed Atlantis.
  • Its also the only boss with 2 different weapons on the deck.
    • However, it's not the only Boss to use 2 different weapons on one type. The Atlantis also has 2 Weapons of one Type, but on the front instead of the deck.
  • The auto cannons of each kind face a different way: the Auto Cannon face to the left, and the Sniper Cannon faces to the right.
  • Before, the SS Doblons had a Big Cannon, but now it has been replaced by a Sniper Cannon.
  • The Developer increased it's fire-rate at v5.7.
  • As of the update, where IX Plode's sniper cannon was changed to a Buster Cannon, SS Doblons is the only boss to have a Sniper Cannon. (Also, the Atlantis was removed and it had sniper cannons. That is also the reason the SS Doblons is the only boss to have the sniper cannon.)

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