What the TDM leaderboard looks like

The Red Team Uses the Default Skin

The Green Skin is what the Green Team uses

Team Deathmatch is a gamemode with 2 Teams battling each other: Red team and Green team. Like and TDM, you have to try to become the most dominating team.


Upon entering, you are placed in the team with the lowest score. The reason why this was made is because the Developer wants to make the game fair and not people joining the winning team, leaving the losing team begging for score. However, this is mostly ineffective.

There are no bosses, so anyone can enter the middle with relative ease. Those who are collecting diamonds and rubies on the losing team must still be wary, however; the dominating team (or at least two maxed-out ships) can enter the middle and immediately wipe you out.


Screenshot 2.png


Besides FFA, TDM is the first gamemode in

There are blue dots on the radar showing your teammates' position.

There are no bosses in TDM.

Besides default and green (which can be seen here), you cannot use any skins.

Team Deathmatch was added in v3.2

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