The King is the secret Boss of and was added on October 18th. It was first confirmed by Sidney through the Official Discord and was originally suggested and created by BabyPearl, otherwise known as FallenBooster on Fandom.

Most of the information below is from the Offical Discord.


The King is a big ship having three Buster Cannons on the deck, three Scatter Cannons on each side and a Power Level of 250. 

Although the concept art shows a unique skin, The boss itself uses the Glass skin and the only images found of it are the concept art.

The prototype of the King



It was originally spawned by giving $1000 to every boss, but it has been changed due to complaints of that being too hard & Rng related. The new method to spawn the boss is now to achieve 100K (100,000) points, Sidney has released in discord the method was to obtain 100,000 points, it's suspected to have taken effect as update 4.3 happened. However, a glitch happened and prevented the King from spawning even when someone reached 100K points; this was fixed on Update 5.1.

Glass Skin, what this boss uses.

Treasure Map

However, the update 5.1 also created the "Treasure Map". It's a command that you can type in the Chrome Console (opened by pressing F12). Typing it will make a code show up: 2B=TK:KAB,SSV:100K

2B= To Battle

TK= The King

KAB= Kill All Bosses

SSV= (This is unconfirmed, Sidney has confirmed it is not "set score value" and has said SS Valencia does not exist; please keep all ideas in the comments until it is confirmed)

100K= 100,000 points

But, as of the 5.5 Update, the treasure map is now changed to "TK0PM100K". Here is what it may stands for :

TK= The King

0PM= Midday

100K= 100,000 points

Some proof of the boss existing

Black Pearl BlackPearl.png · Dutchman Dutchman1.png · MS Chocolate Choclate.png · SS Doblons SSDoblonsCurrent.png · Santa Maria SantaMaria.png ·The King TheKingConceptArt.png · MG Masterov MasterOv.png · IX Plode New-0.png · Queen Anne QueenAnne.png