If isn't working, try these things:

  • works best on Google Chrome.
  • Other programs can cause the game to lag/slow down, so close other tabs in your browser that may be taking away from the game's performance (e.g, Skype, Pages, Keynote, etc.)
  • Try making the window smaller.
  • If you have Windows 10, use Ubuntu for this game, if you don't have Ubuntu, then install it.
  • Enabling cookies.
  • Disabling your ad blocker.
  • Verify your internet connection and/or refresh the page.
  • If you have tried everything to get working, then it may be your internet quality. Some people have an internet connection that is not suitable for playing
  • If you press the set sail button and nothing happens select the username bar after entering your username and press The enter key while it is selected. does not have the correct fonts

  • In order for to render the font correctly, you have to install Matiz Black.
  • is not getting new updates