This is the list of upgrades that exist and are currently used on Every upgrade costs 10 Coins and it increases the cost by 10 Coins for each upgrade applied afterwards. (Ex. 10, then 20, then 30 etc.) The player may only upgrade 75 times 


Upgrade List Effects
Hull Strength Increases by 65 and heals 65 health, widens your ship, reduces ship speed by 3.5%.
Auto Repairs Adds the ability to regenerate health, increases by 1.5 health per second each upgrade.
Cannon Range

Increases speed of your bullets by 26 squares/s, increased cannon length by 0.3

Cannon Damage

Increases damage and width of all projectiles, increases damage by 2.6 and increases width by 0.4

Reload Speed

Decreases cool down time of all guns by 4%

Move Speed Increases movement speed by 5 squares/s.
Turn Speed

Decreases turning radius of your ship, increases turning speed by 3arc/s.

Body Damage Increases collision damage per tic


Name Price Effect
Galley $1 A fleet that rammed itself into other players, had no weapon, and it was only available for one day until it was removed. (CD : 1 Second) Maximum number of ships: unknown
Fishing Boat $100 A Fleet that will collect Doblons for you, but it has low HP and it can't attack enemies
Mine Dropper $300 A Fleet that will constantly drop mines behind itself.
Battleship $500 A Fleet armed with a pair of Side Cannons and an Auto Turret. This Fleet will chase any enemies that get close.
Man of War $1500 A Fleet armed with 3 pairs of Side Cannons and 2 Auto Turrets. This fleet will chase any enemies that get close.